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Iron Puzzler is a two-day weekend event that challenges the creativity, teamwork, and solving ability of up to six teams. There are two main parts to Iron Puzzler:

  1. Creating puzzles for other teams to solve.
  2. Solving puzzles created by other teams.

Teams of six (or fewer) people will have one day to create the two best puzzles that they possibly can, followed by five hours of competition to solve as many of the other teams' puzzles as possible. The catch? Each puzzle has to use at least one of the three secret ingredients revealed at the start of the event. Points are awarded for both creativity and solving skill.

The next Iron Puzzler will be held in winter or spring of 2017. Bay Area solving will take place in Mountain View, CA.

Updates for 2016

The 2016 Iron Puzzler will continue the tradition of the First Timers Bracket, provided that there is enough interest. The First Timers Bracket is a somewhat more gentle introduction to puzzle creation. The secret ingredients for this bracket will be revealed on August 20, 2016 at 9am, and teams will have a full week to create their puzzles. Additionally, they will be able to get feedback on their puzzles over the course of the week from seasoned puzzle makers who have graciously offered their time to help burgeoning constructors.

First time constructors and interested vets should both sign up on the registration page.