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Day Two

On Sunday, teams will come together for the actual competition. Your team should arrive at the event site with both of your puzzles by 10:00 a.m. Bring your puzzles in envelopes, bags, or other containers to help keep authorship anonymous. If you have a puzzle that requires special set up, let event staff know on Saturday, and we'll either arrange a set up time, or do it for you so that you will not be seen setting up by other teams. At roughly 11:00 a.m. (or sooner if possible) puzzles will be distributed, revealed, or otherwise made available, and solving will commence.

Each team will have access to an online scoreboard, so you will know where you stand throughout the day. After 5 hours, solving will end (roughly 4:00 p.m.). Teams will then rate each others puzzles, and final scores will be tallied.

Solving will take place in Mountain View CA.